• Dawn Bowden


Are you ever tempted? I understand. It happens. We have all been there!!

It’s ok. I'm not getting personal. I am of course talking CANDLES. I talk of little else these days…don’t ever invite me round for dinner!!

Where was I? Oh yes…

‘There’ in the middle aisle of the Supermarket

‘There’ where, along with a selection of Lounge Wear and Laundry Baskets, the lure of a Bargain Candle can often be found.

‘There’ where (despite the nagging feeling that we might be making a mistake) before we know it, we are placing said ‘Bargain’ Candle into the trolley and wheeling it towards the check out. It’s cheap, but we are hopeful.

Once home, we light our newly bought ‘gift to ourselves’ …still feeling positive. However, despite the early ‘loveliness’ of any candle’s life, what follows is disappointment. The initial waft of fragrance declines rapidly, closely followed by the flame. Before we know it the wick has completely disintegrated into the ‘Tunnel of Truth’ and we are left staring at our extinguished error of judgement wondering what to do with a tin full of hardened toxic waste. Toxic because our cheap candle was likely made from Paraffin Wax a by-product of Petroleum.

Seven years ago, John and I vowed never to buy a Paraffin Candle again and switched over to Natural Soy instead. Not just because we were wasting money but because we had learned how harmful Paraffin Candles can be. Now the thought of melting a toxic cylinder of chemical fumes in our home as we once did feels extremely unappealing.

Buying a Natural Soy Wax Candle means you (may) pay a little bit more at the time of purchase but what you receive is a product that is MUCH better value for money, and a gift to yourself that has the following beautiful benefits:

  1. A Candle that burns evenly with an ever-present wick and flame.

  2. A Candle that is free from nasty toxins; no nasty soot.

  3. A Candle that burns slower, for much longer, right down to the bottom; giving you many hours of candlelit loveliness.

  4. An empty reusable glass once the candle has burned cleanly to the bottom.

With a First Light Candle you have the added beautiful benefits of breathing in the Divine Aromas of Natural Essential Oils. No hidden Parabens or Phthalates. Just Essential Oils which are blended by John into every molecule of your candle... so the smell will be with you throughout the entirety of its light .

Maximum Candle Enjoyment.

If you haven’t already, then why not make the decision today to

switch permanently over to Natural Soy Candles and like us, never be tempted again.