• Dawn Bowden

Cornish Candle Thinking

Port Isaac in North Cornwall feels like our second home. We go there whenever we can, and usually we spend our time walking the beautiful Coastal Paths. As I write this, we are looking out over the Atlantic Ocean having returned again to enjoy what we call our 'Happy Place'

Christmas of 2018 was a little different. John found himself on crutches and unable to get around. It meant that we had to be pretty still for 10 days and enjoy life at a much slower pace. It gave us real time to think. We have always enjoyed spending time together. What else might we do?

John and I have always loved Candles and I was introduced to the benefits of buying Soy over Paraffin Wax a few years ago. I cannot admit to the amount of time we have spent in Department Stores seeking out the perfect Soy Wax Candle to burn or to give as a gift. So with this in mind we thought we would try making our own. Almost immediately we were hooked. We established First Light Candles and the rest now is history.

From the very start we decided to not opt for readily available ‘off the shelf‘ manufactured scents. The candles we wanted to make were with 100% essential oils. By doing this we could create our very own unique aromas with the added and very important benefit of what the oils themselves could provide.

One of the loveliest parts about making candles for us is experimenting with and deciding on the essential oil blends. It takes time and perseverance. Ultimately, however it means the candle is 100% ours. Nobody else has created the aroma. We have spent hours testing out different combinations of oils in our diffuser for you to enjoy.

Another lovely aspects has been taking our Soy Wax Candles around to numerous events. The feedback has been amazing and we have met some lovely people.

It is September now and we are thinking ahead to December. We have two Christmas Candles that we will be introducing before the end of the month.

Back in December we were feeling a bit glum. What is it they say? If life throws you Lemongrass... make a candle.....or something like that!

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