• Dawn Bowden

Heart Led Business

Since we launched First Light some of the stories and reasons for people buying candles have been really touching. There is one story we would never share because it is too personal for the individuals concerned but it gives us a lot of pleasure fulfilling the order when it comes through each Christmas.

We have been given permission to share the following, and so here it is.

John was approached by George in October and the request was this …Can you make 12 Candles? We don’t want them to have a smell. Just the candles in their pure form? John of course immediately said ‘Yes’. With notice we are always happy to create bespoke orders.

Thus begins the touching story.

George is a minister who worships at the Hinckley United Reformed Church. On Remembrance Sunday the church had made the decision to not only honour the lives of those that had died in military service, but also wanted to commemorate the local parishioners who had passed because of covid. One of those parishioners was George’s sister Margaret.

At the service, each of the families came forward to speak about their loved one and lit one of the candles which they then took home. There were thankfully more candles than people who had passed and those were given to family members who could not attend the service.

It is truly lovely to think that our candles were part of this service and that they will also be a way for people to commemorate their loved ones in the future.

We have always described First Light Candles as a ‘heart led business.’ Sometimes it is difficult to describe what that means. Stories like this one, for us, explain it all.