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Beyond Unconscious Thinking - (The Bus Driver and Me)

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Do you live in your Mind? Welcome to what Ekhart Tolle calls the Human Condition! More about him later.

I have always been an exceptional unconscious 'over- thinker'. I consider myself very experienced in this particular area of being 'Human'. However despite all the 'effort' I have put into this form of thinking, unsurprisingly the majority of the thoughts have not been worthy of any awards. In fact most of the time they are an energy draining cocktail of ruminating, revisiting, and re-scripting. The re-scripting one is a specialism.....you know.... what I SHOULD or COULD have said to the bus driver who refused my ten pound note. Yep, all award winning stuff!

Ensuring that I 'keep my mind away from whatever nice thing I might be doing at any given time' is a particular skill of mine. Whether it be a walk in the snow (it is snowing as I write this) a nice cup of coffee, an interesting book, or a Bafta award winning film. The thinking is invariably with me ... along with the bus driver!

Ekhart Tolle describes our 'Thinking Mind' as being separate to who we actually are. Just get your head around that one? We are not our thoughts? How can that possibly be? Well it is and we aren't. We, most of us, live in our heads, believing our thoughts to be our truth, and desperately attached to our physical form, our sense of identity, our own ego. We allow ourselves to be dragged THROUGH life by our thoughts, all the time neglecting the fact that we actually ARE life.

'Stillness is where creativity, and solutions to problems are found.....'

There is of course a place for 'thinking'. We need to 'think,' but if we are wanting creativity and solutions to problems Tolle suggests that we must let go of our 'unconscious thinking' and find the stillness and silence that exists within us to allow the conscious mind to do its work. That means letting go of our attachment to our sense of identity and going beyond our unconscious thoughts.


I am very much at the beginning of the journey I doubt I will ever completely master, but it is one that is already bringing me incredible clarity and an occasional glimpse of inner peace. The journey begins with first finding the stillness and then 'noticing'. Noticing when we are unconsciously thinking...and yes noticing when the Bus Driver has outstayed his welcome.

Happy Snow Day :)

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