Hello Candle Lovers 

We are Dawn (candle connoisseur) and John (chief candle maker) Together we run 

First Light Candles. We LOVE candles…


It all started with the search for the perfect candle

I (Dawn) was always searching for a candle that was natural, didn’t smoke, or smell 'chemically'. Is that a word? Anyway, I found it really hard to find. Another search we had on was the perfect business idea. John and I wanted to go in to business together but what to do? The obvious was staring us in the face really but it took a while for the lightbulb moment to happen!! Sitting on the sofa one day one of us (I think me and John thinks him!!) said 'Candles'! Later that day, John drove up to Sheffield and bought a candle making kit.


I’d like to say that those first candles were wonderful, but they contained manufactured fragrances and tbh they smelled...well.. 'chemically' and just like the ones we had avoided in the past. Essential oils were the only way forward if we were to make perfect candles. 

We make natural candles that smell divine​ 

Each of our scents is lovingly hand-blended by John using 100% essential oils. You won't find our smells anywhere else because we create them ourselves and they are locked up in Johns head and even I don't have the key!!!


Candles that care for you and our planet

We choose to use soy because it burns beautifully soft and clean, with none of the harmful toxins that you’d find in a standard paraffin candle. All our wax comes from suppliers who source sustainably and ethically.

 Our labels are made from wood pulp so you can just pop them in the compost. 

All our candles are vegan.

Once your candles are finished, your glass jars can be reused or, if you’re local to Leicestershire, can be dropped back to us for refilling.

More candlelit loveliness

Soy wax burns slower, giving you many more hours of candlelit loveliness. 

We’re here to make life a little lighter and brighter

Our candle-loving customers repeatedly tell us that First Light candles are the best and we’re very proud of our growing list of five-star reviews

If you love candles, we’d love to welcome you to our community of candle lovers. 


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​Dawn and John​

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