Hello Candle Lovers 

We are Dawn and John and together we run 

First Light Candles. We LOVE talking about our candles so forgive the indulgence....

Our Candles

First Lights Divine Smelling Natural Candles are made with only Pure and Natural Essential Oils, blended lovingly by John - our Maker and Candle Connoisseur


Our Candle Loving Customers repeatedly tell us that

First Light Candles are 'The Best'. Over the past Two Years we have fallen in love with the word 'Amazing' and are very proud of our reviews

At First Light we choose to use Soy; a natural wax which burns beautifully soft and clean, with none of the harmful toxins contained within a standard paraffin candle. Soy Wax burns slower, giving you many more hours of

Candlelit Loveliness  

This beautiful planet that we all inhabit is very important to us and we therefore only buy wax from suppliers who source sustainably and ethically.Your used Glass Jars and Lids can be refilled, or re-purposed and we offer incentives for you to do so.Our clear labels are made from Wood Pulp so you can just pop them in the Compost. 


All First Light Candles are Vegan.

We care about our customers and the service we provide. When you are happy, we are delighted. 


It means a lot to us that you have taken the time to read about First Light.


Thank you

   Dawn and John